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unixronin: The renowned Royal Navy battleship HMS Warspite (Warspite)
Friday, April 16th, 2010 05:05 pm

Stupid inconsistencies in video games annoy me.

Take Halo, for example.  It's, god knows, the 35th Century or something, we have faster-than-light starships that can jump across significant parts of the galaxy in weeks, we have fully self-aware AIs on a chip, we have cyborgs in powered battle armor with built-in energy shields, ... but that powered battle armor doesn't have night vision?  Come ON.

This is a common thread in almost every shooter.  (The only exception I'm personally aware of is Ghost Recon.)  Either there is no night vision gear, or there's night vision gear but its batteries last 30 to 45 seconds and then it has to recharge for 2-4 minutes.  As game detail, it's pathetically lame, and as a gameplay device, it's a cop-out at best.  Fer crissakes, we had working, usable night vision gear forty years ago in Vietnam.  It's still chic in many circles to look down our noses at Russian military hardware, but if any Russian equipment designer had dared to offer the Russian military night vision gear that crappy, they would have stood him up against a wall and shot him.

(Naturally, the darkness never impedes the attacking enemies in the least.)

Come on, game designers.  We're talking present-day-to-futuristic here, not THAG BASH THINGS WITH ROCK.  Give it a rest and join the 1990s at least.  If the only way you can achieve the game balance you want is to leave the player stumbling around in the dark, squinting into the monitor trying to see anything more than six feet in front of him, you have failed at game design.

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unixronin: Ummm....   It's an avatar.  No, not an Airbender or a Na'vi.  Just an avatar. (Hiro-ic)
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 11:05 pm

From an off-topic discussion of game mechanics and playability on a motorcycle mailing list (quoted with permission):

so a game must have:

  • good gameplay
  • non-distracting storyline (preferably engaging)
  • non-distractive graphics (preferably good)

but let's not forget the whole line of panda games.  like Bloodrayne, the game that inspired a friend and i to create the Panda Scale to rate how much a game panders to us, the gamers.  Bloodrayne has a hot redhead vampire in a corset sucking down Nazis while moaning highly sexually.  Five Pandas.  game play is somewhat compromised, but with a hot redhead vampire in a corset sucking down Nazis, who cares?

-- Robert Mohns

unixronin: Ummm....   It's an avatar.  No, not an Airbender or a Na'vi.  Just an avatar. (Hiro-ic)
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 09:53 pm

If anyone reading my journal has a copy of the Hellfire expansion pack for Diablo, please contact me privately.  (Comments screened to facilitate this.)  I'd like to get hold of one, but they're no longer available and going for stupidly inflated prices on eBay that I'm not willing to pay.