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unixronin: Me in motorcycle leathers (Leathers)
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 01:46 pm

The inestimable [ profile] motomuffin reports that John DePetro (, a DJ at WRKO-AM in Boston, Massachusetts, said the following in a discussion about Ben Roethlisburger (pro footballer who suffered head injuries recently while riding his motorcycle without a helmet):

"Whenever there's an accident, the motorcycle is always at fault."

Here, behind the cut, is the response I just emailed to him: )

unixronin: A somewhat Borg-ish high-tech avatar (Techno/geekdom)
Friday, May 19th, 2006 05:06 am

This is partly for my own future reference, and partly "Hey, this is a really cool helmet."  It's a Caberg Justissimo, now being imported into the US from Italy.  That externally-controlled fighter-pilot-style drop-down visor, in particular, is a really nice feature; it would completely eliminate the issue of finding sunglasses that (a) fit properly inside a helmet, and (b) can be put on and taken off with a helmet on without gouging grooves in your temples.

Caberg helmets are manufactured in Italy; they're being sold in the US by and now that they're being imported and distributed under the Caberg name by Nichols Motorcycle Supply.  They were previously sold rebranded as the Mono X2 JAROW and distributed by ProtecQ, but ProtecQ's service was apparently the source of many complaints.  At significantly under $300, it's pretty reasonably priced, too.  Webbikeworld has a review here.  The word from a rider on the NEDoD list who owns one is that it's an extremely quiet helmet; the webbikeworld reviewer agrees, saying "it's quieter than many full-face helmets I've used, and it's definitely the quietest flip-up helmet I've tried."  The visor is pre-treated with an anti-fogging coating, and has five click-stop detents.  The lining is removable for washing.  The helmet is DOT approves and meets the European ECE 22-05 safety standard.  It comes in silver or metallic black, or titanium finish with silver graphics for about $30 more.