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Saturday, February 25th, 2006 03:33 pm

Yeah, I actually made my first cash contributiuon to the household income in about a year yesterday.  (Well, OK, technically I haven't got the check yet, and won't for a week or so.)  Nothing dramatic, filling in as a technician for Compucom installing new teller PCs and software at a bank just acquired by BankNorth.  I'm not sure which bank this branch used to be -- it may have been Heritage Bank, it may have been people's Bank, it may have been BankBoston -- because the BankNorth sign was already up, which it isn't at all branches.  This was the last wave of the changeover; Compucom had to hire piecework technicians beause they don't have the 120 technicians they needed in New Hampshire.  It went pretty smoothly aside from the discovery partway through that while the preconfigured software CD tried to install gig-E drivers, some of the supposedly-identical machines actually had only Intel EEPro100 onboard Ethernet rather than gigabit.  If Windows asked permission to install the driver upgrade, and you let it, those machines would be off the network until you backed out the driver and let Windows install the correct driver.  "Oops."

Twenty bucks an hour for about five and a half billed hours.  Sigh.  And I hurt by the time I got home.

Still, it's something.  But they wouldn't let me in the gold vault.

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Friday, November 4th, 2005 03:03 pm

I got pinged about a Solaris x86/Linux support contract with Sun in Burlington, MA.  I've never actually worked with Solaris x86; I know it's different, but not how much.  The Linux experience they want is RHEL4 and SuSE.

Problem:  This is not a job that pays well.  It's a fairly low-level support job.  The recruiter fed me some actual numbers, pre- and post-tax, W2; post-tax, I'd bring home about $737 per week.

With both of us working away from the house during the day, we'd need child care ten hours a day, five days a week.  We've been given to understand that for 2 to 3 kids, it's actually cheaper to have a nanny come into the home, and that's going to cost around $20 per hour.

Do the math... taking the job would put us about $260/week into the hole.  That is, of course, before deducting childcare expenses from taxable income; but even taking that childcare cost from pre-tax income and assuming it wipes out the taxable income from the job, I'd net $100 per week ... before commuting expenses.


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