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unixronin: A stone griffon (Weltschmerz)
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 04:17 pm

I appear to have entered the literature again.  I'm apparently quoted on page 282 of Barbara Carlson's new coffee-table book, The Pocket Lint Chronicles (see promo photo at left).  I no longer have the least recollection of what the quote was, though the author told me at the time what she was requesting permission to quote.

My prior claims to fractional Warhols include credit in O'Reilly Associates' System Performance Tuning, Second Edition, publication in the Spokane Open Poetry Review, and playing about five or six cloned soldiers and the Master of Space and Time in a short sci-fi/horror movie made by TV Production students at Spokane Falls Community College (which was probably never shown outside of the TV Production course).

Now if only I could finish my own novel-in-progress and get it published....

unixronin: Pissed-off avatar (Pissed off)
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 06:01 pm

We've all seen people come out of the store and park their shopping cart in the parking space next to theirs, then casually drive off leaving the abandoned cart blocking the parking space.  It 's depressingly common.

Still, it takes a special kind of lazy jerk to abandon their shopping cart in the middle of the van-accessible disabled parking space.  A seriously disabled driver may not be able to get out and move the cart without first parking in the middle of the lane and doing the whole wheelchair-transfer thing there.  (Then moving the cart, transferring back into their van, parking the van, transferring back to the wheelchair....)