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Monday, August 29th, 2011 01:12 pm

So, my company has been pretty proactive about making sure all our people are OK after irenepocalypse, asking everyone to check in, report status and whether they need any assistance, etc.  (We actually have quite a few people flooded out or without power, and at least one was evacuated due to flooding.)  Early afternoon yesterday, I got the "please check in" message for my group, and checked in to say "we're fine here aside from a couple of minor leaks, no storm damage."

So, of course, less than ten minutes later a freak gust of wind managed to get the front storm door open and tear it off its stay.  Ripped the screws straight out of the metal frame.  Fairly easy repair, but still...  "Oh yeah?  No storm damage, huh?  We'll see about THAT.  Ha!"

In other news, my Droid3 slipped out of the pocket of my safari vest this morning as I leaned down to look at a stick insect I found on the car, landed on the asphalt driveway, and shattered one corner of the screen.  Bah.  This is EXACTLY why I have been dubious about the move towards all-glass (or increasingly mostly-glass) devices.  Phones and similar devices get dropped; it's a near-inevitable fact of life, unless you keep your phone on a lanyard at all times.  If you have an expensive electronic device that is probably going to suffer multiple small drops during its lifetime, it really should be built to survive them.

(Yes, I bought "full replacement" device insurance, against just this eventuality.  $99 deductible?  Sheesh.  That's probably approaching wholesale cost of the device.)


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