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February 18th, 2011

unixronin: Galen the technomage, from Babylon 5: Crusade (Default)
Friday, February 18th, 2011 08:54 am

So, Wisconsin is the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral ... uh, to a truly stunning display of childishness in its government.  For the second time in recent memory, Democrat legislators have left a state en masse in order to prevent a measure that they don't like, and apparently think they don't have enough votes to defeat honestly, from coming to a vote at all.

You know, when you chose to run for Wisconsin Senate, you knew right out of the gate that you weren't going to win every vote, right...?  Or was that part of the rules never explained to you?  You thought maybe that because you're, like, enlightened progressives, everything would just naturally go all your way every time?  Well, welcome to the real world.  It doesn't work that way.

This is what voting is about.  This is how it works: You win some, you lose some.  You don't like the measure?  Have the balls to show up and vote against it.  You don't think you have enough votes to win?  Well, you know, that happens sometimes.  Suck it up.  But if you're going to say "WAAAAAAH, we don't like the rules of this game, we're not going to play"?  Fine.  Don't play.  Pick up your marbles, go home, and let someone else play.  But to try to prevent anyone else from playing either?  You know, most of us outgrew that in kindergarten.

If I were writing a state constitution, I would write in a clause that said any legislator who leaves the offices of government or flees the state in order to avoid voting on a measure or avoid said measure from coming to a vote is summarily dismissed from office for failure to carry out the duties and reponsibilities of that office.  The vacated office will be filled immediately by an interim representative from the same district, appointed by the governor, until such time as a by-election can be held.

State House or State Senate offices aren't a fun game to play for self-actualization.  They are a JOB, with duties and responsibilities, and rules that are to be followed.  You knew this when you signed up.  If you don't want to carry out the duties, fulfil the responsibilities, or follow the rules, GTFO and go find a job that's more in line with your work ethic and sense of responsibility.  Clerk at a video rental store, say.